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The Manipulated Rapper script-a-sodes are now live!!!

Scroll down to the PDF.

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Welcome to the first-ever script series THE MANIPULATED RAPPER. This series exposes the industry elites for exploiting and manipulating rappers to put out negative and degrading music to benefit the prison industry and more.  The series is not spilling the tea, it’s dumping it out. This is a captivating series, that is so relevant in today’s time, that it will have you waiting for the next script-a-sode each week.  Connect with the characters as the series takes you down a rabbit hole of investigations while connecting you to a great love story.  This series drops a lot of jewels and will open you up to new discoveries.


If you would like to read more details about the show, please click on the "More" tab at the top and click full synopsis. 

How it works:

Each week you will received a new Hollywood script to this amazing series for you to read and create your own vision of the surroundings.  Simply click the PDF file below to read the script-a-sode.  If you feel the need, please fill out the info below to give us your praise or feedback to help us improve the show.  (All suggestions and comments are voluntary and you choose not to seek any financial compensation if your suggestions are used.)

Please read below to receive a short synopsis, how to read a script for beginners, and the tentative dates for each script-a-sode.

Script-a-sode info:

Rapper has 22 script-a-sodes over two seasons.  11 script-a-sodes per season.



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Promo Video

Tenative Script-A-Sode Guide

Premiere 05/03

Season 1 Script-A-Sode 1   - The Public Manipulation


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 2   -  Suspicious Tactics & Connections


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 3   -  Rap Life & Motives


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 4   -  Rumor Has It


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 5   -  Crimes & Covers Ups


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 6   -  The Love Connection


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 7   -  The Meet Up – Clash Of The Generations


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 8   -  Operation Press


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 9   -  The Set Up


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 10 – A New Day


Season 1 Script-A-Sode 11 -  The Conscious Take Over

Start of Season 2


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 12 -  Conflicts & Exposure


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 13 -  Back To The Bull Shit


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 14 -  Introduction To The Mission


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 15 -  The Cats Out Of The Bag


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 16 -  Operation Overstand


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 17 -  On The Radar


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 18 -  Promotions & Discredit Tactics


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 19 -  Public Rebellion


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 20 -  The Awakening


Season 2 Script-A-Sode 21 -  Plotting For World Domination


Season 2 Script-A-Sode  22 -  The Galactic Confrontation

New Script-a-sode will be released on Fridays between 8pm - 9 pm E.

Dates are subject to change.

00:00 / 03:44

Legend- How to read a script:

What’s a Script-A-Sode? A script-a-sode is an episode in script form that becomes available to read in combination with at least 3 other script-a-sode released in consecutive weeks.


The scene setting- Before each scene, you will see the scene number. It will explain if the scene takes place inside, outside, or both. It will include the location of the scene and the time of day.

Ex.  09. Int. Restaurant – day

       12. Ext. Park – night

       14. Int. / Ext.  House / Backyard – evening

Int. means interior or inside

Ext. means exterior or outside


(Con’t) means the character is continuing to talk after you read the action lines.

… has two meanings.  If the dots are in the middle of the character speaking, it means the character pauses.  If the dots are at the end of the character speaking, that means the next character is cutting them off or interrupting.

The Manipulated Rapper Presents:  The script-a-sodes!!!


The script will appear below on a PDF form.

Click on the PDF form and enjoy the read.


                                                      Season 1

           S1- S1
The Public Manipulation

                    S1- S2 
Suspicious Tactic and Connections

             S1- S5
Crimes and Cover ups

           S1- S6
The Love Connection

   S1 - S9
The Set Up

      S1- S10
   A New Day

         S1- S3 
Rap Life & Motives

     S1- S4 
Rumor Has It

                      S1- S7
Clash of the Generation Rappers

        S1 - S 8
Operation Press

                 S1 - S11

The Conscious Takeover

Season 2 starts on July 26th

             S2 - S12
Conflicts and Exposure


Countrified, the creator of The Manipulated Rapper, explains why he created the series and why you should get involved.

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