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Full Synopsis

The series Rapper has two main characters.  Detective Jones is the true main character, but Spitta plays a significant role in the series.  There are two loglines and synopses from the perspective of each character.







Detective Jones driven -

Logline: A rapper, after facing a crossroads in promoting his father’s conspiracy books, turned detective in hopes of exposing the elite controllers from the inside. He finds the opportunity through mentoring a young rapper that changes the world.


An independent rapper named “Countrified”, whose real name is Quinton Jones, is extremely talented at creating thought-provoking music.  Raised by his father, Earl Jones, a former police officer sent on a special mission where he met and fell in love with a female, C.I.A. agent.  She gave, an already ambitiously social soldier, top-secret government information.  After returning to his police unit, Earl made it his mission to expose the truth, to the public, about this planet and beyond.  Earl wrote two powerful books (self-published books) with levels of overstanding while exposing the top controllers and this planet’s secrets.  He had a mission to raise the planet’s vibration by sharing this forbidden knowledge.  The books got the attention of the federal government and Earl was warned and told to stop promoting and manufacturing the books.  Earl continued and his closest associates were killed.  When this didn’t deter Earl, an order from the government was sent down to the police department to assassinate him.  He was mysteriously killed while serving a warrant.

After Earl’s death, his son, Quinton a.k.a. “Countrified”, pursued a mission to promote his father’s books and get the truth out to the world.  Quinton changed his rap music to reflect and promote the information from his father’s books.  After a short period of reflecting and promoting, Quinton was now on the government’s radar.  Like his father experienced, Quinton’s close friends started to die, and he was warned to stop.  Quinton gave in to the pressure. After just having a baby, a daughter, Quinton felt it was too big of a risk to continue his father’s mission.  The government confiscated the latest manufactured books, but Quinton was able to hide 500 pairs.  He joined the academy and decided to become a detective so he could see, first-hand, the corruption and politics that occurs from inside.  He quickly elevated through the ranks and made detective, thanks to Officer Lawson, who is now the police chief.  Chief Lawson was Earl’s best friend, so Lawson felt obligated to help his deceased, best friend’s son.  After years of serving as a detective, Detective Jones came across a conspiracy case.  As he dug deeper down the rabbit hole, even though he was told to quit investigating, he discovered what he’d been suspicious of for years.  He discovered a case that involved record and movie execs, high government officials, prosecutors, and judges all plotting to arrest people of color to benefit from the private prison industry.  Murders, cover-ups, and involvement from the Chief were all connected to this wide range of conspiracy.

Detective Jones, who no longer has a rap career, felt that completing his father’s mission may never happen.  All of this would change when his daughter (Shaniya) started dating the hottest rapper in the country.  When Quinton’s daughter brought the rapper (Spitta) to meet her family, Detective Jones and Spitta entered Jones’s home studio where Jones criticized the new era of music, in which, Spitta became defensive.  The two have a rap battle and Jones gained the respect of Spitta.  Spitta asked Jones to help him create meaningful music.  After mentoring Spitta and explaining the exploitation of rappers, Jones saw his shot to continue his father’s mission.  He manipulated the young rapper into carrying the torch that he could no longer carry.  Spitta became the mouthpiece for Jones by exposing the corruption, conspiracy, and the book’s top-secret information.  Spitta inspired other artists to follow his lead, and this changed the industry… and, the world.  Although these efforts were met with fierce opposition from the elite government, it was too little too late.  The information made the public uncontrollable forcing the Reptilian race to showcase themselves.  Detective Jones knew of this possibility and staged a National Day of Meditation, where millions of people would envision the Anunnaki Gods showing themselves and protecting them from the Reptilians. 












The Reptilians were no match for the Anunnaki Gods as they appeared before all and wiped out the Reptilian race.  The Anunnaki gave its people forbidden knowledge and help elevated their energy to a God-like frequency to be in harmony with the new position of the planet.


  Spitta driven -

Logline:  After a gangster rapper discovers his music is used to destroy his community and benefit the elites, he changes the music to expose corruption, change the industry, and elevate the world.


A multi-Grammy award-winning rapper, Spitta, is now on top of the rap game.  He feels his skills are impeccably fueled by the support of millions of fans and followers.  Having true superstar status, he could have any girl he desires.  He met a very beautiful girl named Shaniya who captured his heart.  Shaniya is the product of another rapper, her father, Quinton Jones, the detective.  Detective Quinton Jones was an independent rapper with amazing skills in writing thought-provoking songs with strategic lyrics before entering a Code Blue workforce. 

After a short time of dating, Shaniya invited Spitta over to a family event where he would meet her parents.  Shaniya explained to Spitta that her father was a dope, no-none sense rapper who’s now a detective.  Spitta meets her father, and they go down to Detective Jones’s home studio.  Although Spitta is a multi-award-winning rapper, Jones expressed that he was not impressed and let Spitta know that his skills are basic at best.  This puts Spitta on the defense.  Even though he remains respectful, due to Jones being Shaniya’s father, he defends himself and challenges Jones to a rap battle.  Jones turns on an instrumental beat and the rap battle ensues.  The rappers go back and forth with each other with Jones getting the best of Spitta.  Spitta has a newfound respect for Jones’s rap skills and would like for the veteran rapper to mentor him for his sophomore album.  Jones accepts the challenge and teaches Spitta how to write strategic and meaningful songs. 

Detective Jones is working on a case that involves conspiracy.  He discovers that music execs are using rappers to glamourize counter-productive music to help influence people of color.  This approach has many consequences including influencing juries, judges, and prosecutors to believe Blacks are guilty until proven innocent.  This also helps fill up the private prison system in which some of the manipulators have stock.  Jones reveals this information to Spitta and the young rapper immediately changes his music and messaging.  His new approach was not welcomed by his current label who is also a part of the conspiracy.  This causes Spitta to sign to Jones’s friend’s label who agreed to back his new approach. 


Spitta was introduced to Jones’s father’s books (self-published books) which consist of the conspiracies and top government’s secret information.  Not knowing the inherent dangers, Jones manipulated him to promote the books and rap about some of the content.  Spitta begins to change the industry and the world. His success begins to influence other artists to change their music to a more positive vibe.  His influence would not be welcomed by all.  This approach was counter-productive for the elite government officials, and they used tactics to deter and illegitimate the rapper.  Spitta was warned by Jones that his mission to expose the elites wouldn’t come without opposition.  This opposition became clear when the only parent he had left, his grandmother, was threatened if he continued to pursue his path. Despite the threats, he continues his mission even at the expense of losing his grandmother.  To make a low point even lower, Spitta discovers that he was manipulated by Jones to complete his father’s mission.  Throughout all the turmoil, Spitta stays consistent on his mission to raise the vibration of the public through his music.  He influenced the people to a level that provoked the highest controllers, the Reptilian race.  Facing an uncontrollable society, Reptilians show themselves in a takeover of the planet and are met by Anunnaki Gods who wipe them out and raise the vibration of the people living on the surface.


This is a real series that will have a real-life impact on the viewers. This series exposes the manipulation of the public and what a successful rebellion outcome would look like.  Rappers have been used for years to negatively influence their community without their knowledge. This series shows the exploitation and the benefits of doing so. The viewers can see what could happen if they change negative music to positive. They will be motivated to raise their vibration so they can ascend to new heights. This show will also inspire the viewer to get the book-set to help educate themselves on how to overstand themselves and the planet.  This is the most inspirational, educational, and impactful series of our lifetime.


Detective Jones & Shinaya
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